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Plant Diseases/leaves, and now branches, of Meyer lemon tree yellowing


Hi Kathy - My lemon tree is 3 years old and I live (part time) in Arizona - so sandy soil. It is watered by an irrigation system that is not hooked up to a soft water system - so hopefully salt is not the problem. In November I gave it a treatment of iron and citrus food as I do each year and cut back on the water a bit - from 3 X / week to twice a week. Nothing helps. First the problem was the yellowing leaves but now the tree branches are also turning yellow. My tree has become very yellow, almost all the leaves and now the branches as well. It does seem to be losing the battle. The leaves seem to begin turning yellow at the tips and it moves inward. Even the new growth is affected. I do not see any of the usual pests on the leaves. Help!

Hi Barbara,  It could need some minor nutrients, a quick fix could be Epsom salts around the ground around the tree which should green it up.  It should be getting approximately 4 inches of water a week around the drip line of the tree.  A product called Atomic Grow could help bring the tree back also.  It raises the brix in the plant which is sugar so bugs go away, sooty mold, fungus what ever may be effecting its happiness.  It is totally organic and can be used on all your plants.  Stay away from chemical fertilizers and use a more organic type with minor nutrients in it. You may also be able to get a product called Key Plex for citrus that will also give it the minors it needs, both products are sprayed on.  If mixed with Atomic Grow you use one third the amount you would use alone.   kathy

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