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Palm pic 1
Palm pic 1  
PAlm pic 2
PAlm pic 2  
My Palm tree has a black spot as shown in the pictures, the leaves seam dry and it seams hollow when i knock on it just above the black spot.
Can you please tell me what product to apply, where and how to apply it and where to buy it?
I live in a town near to Houston, and the only store with products that we have here in town would be Home depot.

ANSWER: Hi Camila,  Looks like you were taking good care of it for some time then you stopped as the area where the problem is is not as wide as above it and now below is getting wider again.  Black is usually a sign fungus.  Was it hit with the cold?  You can try a product called Atomic Grow that could help get rid of the fungus, it is organic and has saved many palms.  You can only get it over the internet. The only thing that bothers me is that you said that part is maybe hollow and if so a big wind could break it in half and then of course, that would kill it for sure.  Products sold in the box stores are usually poison.  kathy

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QUESTION: Thanks Kathy.  The Palm was hitted w Cold, but so where the others in my backyard.  I tried going online for the Atomic Grow, but there are too many options and prices vary from $20 to $160.  Can you please give me a more specific description of the one I need to buy?  Also, what amount and how often should I apply it?
Thanks again


If you are only doing one tree the small is sufficient as you mix 1 tablespoon with 1 gallon of water.  It can be used on all plants indoors and out.  Try it on something else and you will want more in the future but first try and save your palm.  It could be the location or possibly a different kind some take a lot of cold and some do not.  kathy

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