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Hi Dr. Vann,

I was just viewing the answer you gave to someone who was having a concern about the bark peeling off her rose tree (including her photo). My situation is similar but I'm not certain of the degree of the problem.

I have two rose trees adjacent to each other with the bark on both starting to peel. I took your suggestion to gently "scratch off/rub off" the rather brittle & peeling bark of one of them, which is mostly at the trunk base of each - I'm wondering if I should be suspect that the problem may be deriving from the roots (might be a likely  possibility  yes/no?). I have no idea, but the wood underneath the bark does initially appear to be firm. The trees planted are planted about 3 feet apart - would you suppose this is a potentially contagious condition?

Dr. Vann, if you might have a suggestion/recommendation, I would appreciate your input or opinion....................thanks.


Thanks for your comments.  Bark peeling can be a result of a root malfunction or sometimes the presence of a disease in that immediate area.

Can you send a photo showing this peeling? Be sure your photo is crisp and in focus before you send.  Just for my clarification, when you refer to a rose "tree" are you referring to the ornamental shrub or something else?


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