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Hi,can you tell me how much apple,I can fetch from single rootstock MM 111 plant of Gala Gala variety.How much tree reach its hieght and when will the tree's first harvesting year.

Dear Vivek, It is good to hear from you after so long.  Somehow my settings here got changed to 'on vacation' and I know I have missed many questions.  I had seen your other question about the rats and I have answered it, but I just now noticed this one.  M111 rootstock is one of the best and most vigorous of the rootstocks.  It is also the most common one used in my area as well.  Also Gala apples are very fruitful and productive apples requiring fewer chilling hours than many other varieties.  M111 rootstock will produce a tree that can grow 15 or 16 feet high, and it is very productive, producing large numbers of apples.  It will take 4 to 5 years after planting to get a good crop, but after that, they are very strong growers and should give you a lot of apples.  Gala apples are one of the top selling apples in America and many other countries.  A lot depends on the individual tree's health and care and your general production, but Gala grafted onto M111 is absolutely an excellent choice for an apple orchard.  Sincerely, Melissa

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