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Please Help My queen palm has developed what seems to be rot at the base (see attached photo). Can you identify it and prescribe a cure

Hi Tom,  It looks pretty bad and I do not think you can cure this, according to what I read.  This is what I found so far
Ganoderma butt rot is caused by the fungus Ganoderma zonatum. This fungus degrades or rots the lower 4-5 feet of the trunk

All palms are considered hosts of this fungus. This fungus is not a primary pathogen of any other plant family.
Symptoms may include wilting (mild to severe) or a general decline. The disease is confirmed by observing the basidiocarp (conk) on the trunk. This is a hard, shelf-like structure that will be attached to the lower 4-5 feet of the palm trunk. However, not all diseased palms produce conks prior to death.
A palm cannot be diagnosed with Ganoderma butt rot until the basidiocarp (conk) forms on the trunk, or the internal rotting of the trunk is observed after the palm is cut down.
The fungus is spread by spores, which are produced and released from the basidiocarp (conk).
Conditions that are conducive for disease development are unknown.
There are currently no cultural or chemical controls for preventing the disease or for curing the disease once the palm is infected.
A palm should be removed as soon as possible after the conks appear on the trunk. Remove as much of the stump and root system as possible when the palm is removed.
Because the fungus survives in the soil, planting another palm back in that same location is not recommended without special precautions.

At my nursery I have a mulberry tree that you could see through it.  I kept spraying it with a product called Atomic Grow which makes plants healthy raising the brix, (sugar) in the plant.  My mulberry is almost 85 per cent healed and I would have to say if people saw it prior they would have told me to cut it down.  My problem would be is I do not know anything about palms, if you were to use Atomic Grow it may or may not work on your palm,  I am organic and Atomic Grow is organic most of the population rely on poison products to heal things which I do not understand how that works.  Right now your palm has a death sentence, Atomic Grow does get rid of fungus, if it is too late I do not know it would be up to you to decide if you want to try it. It will either die or it will turn around    kathy  

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