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i would like to use mancozeb in addition to propiconazole by tree bark application with pentrabark on my walnut (big!) trees. in addition i use phosphoric acid q every month
mancozeb is not water soluble
will that be a waste?
the disease i try to ctrl is anthracnose and husk maggots (imidacloprid granules in spring and acephate every month seem to help for the maggotsd (drosophila) but i still get terrible july fruit drop!


The active ingredient propiconazole has been used in the past as an injectable fungicide (Alamo) for some foliar tree diseases.  I have not seen any data of it being used as a "topical" application to the bark.  Based on this information, I would not expect to see any noticeable effectiveness.  This speaks of mancozeb as well.  This product works best as a protectant and is subject to weathering on the plants surfaces.  I am not aware of any systemic characteristics of this active ingredient.

Imidacloprid (eg. Merit) is a common insecticide that is usually applied to the soil and is taken up by the roots.  It is used mostly for sucking insects.

For the latest information on available materials and application, consider contacting your local county Agricultural Extension service or dept. of Agriculture.


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