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Plant Diseases/tiny white flying bugs on hybbiscus


Live in the northeast cold in winter leave the tree out all summer bring it in when its fall has had theses bugs all summer,have sprayed continually with insecticide  but its not getting rid if them tried soap and water,nothing although the tree is healthy. Looking inn concerned about it being in my home what can I do?7

Hi Deborah,

I use a product called Atomic Grow that cleans off the leaves and penetrates into the leaves and stems and bark.  The plant becomes healthy by raising the brix (sugar) in the plant.  When the brix are raised bugs go else where because they do not like sugar.  Atomic Grow is organic and does not go bad.  I would put a little on the ground or soil a few times a year and that will get rid of the bugs that live in the soil.  The rest of the time is to spray the leaves once a month year round for upkeep.  kathy

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