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I have several crotons.  One has mealybugs which I am spraying weekly with Triazicide.
My one croton has small spots on the leaves.  The spots look white, its not a bug but some kind of fungus.
Also my bougainvillea has yellow spots that turn brown and fall off.
Do you suggest Daconil?  We live in South Florida and our ground has terrible drainage.
Thank you.

Hi Debbie,  I live in Central Florida and I use Atomic Grow which makes your plants healthy by raising the brix.  Brix is sugar, and the more sugar in the leaves bugs go elsewhere.  It also gets rid of fungus and is organic made from corn, soy, grains, etc..  The product you are using I am sure has a skull and cross bones on it.  Poison has never made anything healthy.  

You can improve the poor drainage by digging in some large mulch peaces into the soil around the plants or with the plants when you plant.  This will in turn turn into soil and in the mean time give the roots time to grow around it and it will help them dry out so they do not drown.  My whole front yard is clay about a foot or so where the soil was dumped then it goes into sugar sand.  But through the years I kept adding mulch and mixing it in and now the front yard is beautiful.   Another thing that will eventually kill your plants is miracle grow and that is a whole other story.  kathy

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