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Dear expert:
I have 4 sagos next to each other,in the ground.I have a pool and the cool deck that slants towards all sides,thus adding rain water to the root systems,of the sagos.They get morning sun,and are shaded by large palm trees,with the hot afternoon,Texas sunshine,in Houston.
The corner large sago has developed major white spots on the franz,and the white spots and color get heavy white fungus accumulation, going into the stalk itself,for the few top franz.They are sagging heavily on one side at the top
I  used 1 or 2 splashes of  Malathion mixed with 1-2 gallons of water 2 times over the last 6 months.I smells so bad,but I hoped it would work. The fungus has spread over to the 3 of the 4 plants,in the beginning stages. Healthy grren franz with white scattered spots on all over the franz.The large sago has franz that look like they are dieing from the top franz on the front top side. What is the proper way to get rid of the disese.I am worried they all will die,it something is not done soon.
Should I use more Malathion. I have never added nutrients to the ground for them,and they have been in the ground for nearly 12-14 yrs. Please advise what should be done.

Hi Brent,  I hope I can help your plants.  First I start to say Malathion is a deadly poison and I have never understood how poison can heal anything.  I use Atomic Grow which is organic and raises the brix in plants so bugs go away.  Brix is the level of sugar in a plant leave and the more brix or sugar the healthier the plant is.  The bugs just leave because they like the old sick leaves so they leave to find more.  Raising the brix brings in good bugs and also makes fungus leave.  You could spray the white bugs off with a pressure washer and then apply Atomic Grow and do the again about three times once a week.  Then put the plant on a monthly spray program and see how happy it will get.  I use it on all my plants.  You could add some coffee grinds around the sago that also makes it happy.  I would go with an organic fertilizer which is minor nutrients not chemicals.  This should do the trick.  kathy

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