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I had been given several healthy aloes. After several months some of them lost their roots and just fell over. Others their skin got super thin, filled with water like liquid and burst when I touched them. I am dumbfounded. I never had problems with aloes in the past. What am I doing wrong to these innocent plants? Thank you for your time.

ANSWER: Hi Terry,  Sounds like it got to much water somehow.  If you used Miracle Grow soil it is rotting plants as it is too moist.  kathy

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QUESTION: Hello Again,
I never watered my aloes until they were dry and just watered them a little. I used potting soil for cactus plants. Could the Salt in our soft water be part of the problem? We have had issues with too much sodium in our water.
Thanks for your time,

Hi Terry,  I did some checking around and found this site  which gives lots of
possibilities.  If any of these are the case I would get some
Atomic Grow which will get rid of bugs or fungus from your plants
and it is organic, made from food.  kathy

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