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Brown Leaf on Edges
Brown Leaf on Edges  

White Spots on Leaf
White Spots on Leaf  

I was wondering if I could get help on saving my seemingly dying tree.  I purchased this tree 2 weeks ago and it was beautiful.  In the past two week many of the leaves shriveled up and died, especially on one side of the tree and not it seems as it is spreading.

There are a few things I notice, some dead branches, completely dry and shriveled leaves, and now small white spots are starting to show (or maybe I just started to notice them).  

I do have to say that during transport to our home the tree was in the back of a truck on the freeway for about 30 minutes and at one point it fell over, but it seemed to be okay.  Because of this, we decided not to transplant it just yet as we realized it had already gone through much.  It is currently in its existing planter.

We water it every other day to keep the soil moist and not drenched.  Please help.  I love this tree and am desperately trying to save it. thank you.

The symptoms of shriveling leaves and dying branches may be a sign of a root/soil issue.  The Japanese maple has a variety of fungal leaf spots.  They are usually not life threatening unless they occur every year and defoliate the tree.  Just rake up and destroy any fallen leaves after it is planted.  Also examine the trunk for bark damage.  This could also cause health issues as well.

Planting it now may be advisable.  Be sure to plant it correctly, be sure roots are not very dense/compacted together and then water well initially, then once/twice per week for a month or two.


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