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Plant Diseases/ornamental flowering plum tree


My plum tree(fruitless) has white or light pink leaves instead of the dark purple it should have.
It appears to be iron deficient.
Is this a disease or is it really starving for nutrients? I fed it last year and didn't notice any change.


If this leaf symptom is widely present in the tree, a nutrient imbalance could be a possibility.  Suggest having a soil sample collected and evaluated.  Contact your local county Agricultural Extension office for this service.  Their office is usually in the county courthouse building.  Often, this service is free.  Getting an analysis will give you a good idea what element(s) are out of balance.

Also, give the tree a good looking over.  Look for any bark damage especially on the trunk.  Look for any insects that may be drilling holes in the bark and inscts on the affected leaves.


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