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Dr. VANN Hi I need your help, last year Itransplanted 2 Azalea bushes. One bush is blooming the other looks like its has died. There are only a few green leaves on the dead plant. My question is there anything that can be done to save this Azalea.  Thank you Ken


If there are a lot of dead twigs present, this may indicate the shrub is going downhill and may not be saved- thus replacement may be an option.  Check a few of the brown twigs by bending them.  If they snap off or if the wood is brown beneath the bark (use your fingernail and scratch a few twigs - looking for green beneath the bark).

Transplanting can be stressful to the woody shrubs and trees.  Very important to give them lots of TLC during this "break in" period.  Also be sure to look at the root ball too! Be sure it is not too compact before you put it in the ground.  This "root bound" condition can often lead to an untimely death- sometimes stretched out over several months.  A compact root system can have trouble picking up water and nutrients.  A drought period that may come along may be enough to push the shrub off the deep end.  Soils that stay wet for extended periods can also be detrimental to the plant.  Good soil drainage is crucial.


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