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Plant Diseases/Tiny white bugs on my soil


I live in Minnesota and have a small outdoor vegetable garden I planted the seeds a week ago.(Cool weather plants, carrots,lettuce,peas) Anyways About 4 days ago I noticed one tiny white bug, and if I disrupted the soil near it it would jump/fly away. Now they're EVERYWHERE in the soil! It's been raining a lot around me but the garden has probably got 2 inches of rain. I think I've seen some tiny white wormish things too. So are these bugs harmful or not? What should I do?

Hi Mia:

Can you take and send me a photo.  Getting a good ID can be useful to determine if they are harmful or just present as a secondary issue.  Also examine a few seed that were planted to see what condition they are in.  Too much water and poor soil drainage can cause the seed to rot.  This may cause various insects to showup as secondary invaders.


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