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Hello, I have a raised bed 32"x64"x3'. I built the soil using branches on bottom, cardboard,hay,more cardboard,goat manure. I believe the manure wasnt composted enough...anyway I put 18 tomatoe plants in it and they have not done much at all..they are still alive and green. The leaves are curled up. I have used compost tea and thats about it. I did put a 1/2cup of rock phosphate by the roots when planted..first time I have ever done that. I was told it would increase the fruit production..I have used epsons salts in the past and it worked well...anyway..the suspect for me is the goat manure..they are my goats and not knowingly given them feed or hay that had herbicide on them...I use the same hay on the other areas of the garden. I have tomatoes in a key hole garden that I built and are doing well, the difference is the soil..I did not use the goat poop in that one....I used a completed compost for the top soil..I reserved one of the plants and put it in a container to sit on the porch, and it is doing the same thing? weird huh? The difference is the soil as well..I used sure enough jam up compost on it,and it is still curling up.So the plants could be suspect?..well thank you in advance for your answer...I use mostly compost tea and occasionally maxi-crop seaweed...  ....again thanks...


Some herbicides can indeed pass through the intestines of animals and end up in the manure as you mentioned.  They do not breakdown enough to not cause a problem.  Tomatoes are historically sensitive to many herbicides as well.  Not all leaf curl cases in tomatoes can be explained.  Your issue may be soil related, thus I would suggest having your soil tested for nutrition, pH etc.  Contact your local county Agricultural Extension service to arrange for this.  This will give you a baseline to start from.  Also, check the undersides of the leaves for any insects as well.  Tomatoes are susceptible to several virus diseases that can curl the leaves.  Plants would need to be tested for these suspects.  Unfortunately, may herbicide issues on tomatoes can resemble virus diseases.  Only a lab test can confirm.


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