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leaf curl and brown vein
leaf curl and brown ve  
I live in central Mexico - 6000 ft up.  My guava was transplanted last fall/winter and again to another location about two months ago.  But I think I noticed this problem before it was moved the first time.  It has flowered (profusely)  since the 1st transplant and has a lot of new growth but just started noticing a few of the leaves are curling and a good number have a (beautiful) design that is light brown that follows the veins of the leaf. Any ideas?
Thank you,
Barbara Fess

Hi Barbara, your plant could use some epsom salts to green it up and if you look under the leaf there is probably bugs hiding sucking out the nutrients in the leaf.  I would tell you to get Atomic Grow but it would be too expensive for you to ship to Mexico.  So I would see if you can get some Neem Oil which I have used for years to get rid of bugs on plants.  It would have to be reapplied if it rains for washes off with sprinklers.  kathy

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