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Plant Diseases/problem with meyer lemon tree


my meyer lemon tree (potted) has loads of tiny lemons and a couple of big ones. I moved it outdoors about two weeks ago and suddenly most of its leaves have turned yellow and are dropping off. Some of them have tiny black dots on the back but don't appear sticky or raised in any way. I am just sick because I worked so hard during it's blooming period to help pollinate the blossoms and I feel as if they are my babies!! It is two years old and about 3 1/2' tall.

I did sprinkle about a teaspoon of citrus tree fertilizer on it about 10 days ago. Could that be the culprit??


If your tree has been indoors for some period of time, the sudden change in light intensity or temperature may have caused a shock to the leaves- causing the to yellow and shed.  Some plants will drop their leaves if the light intensity changes too rapidly.  Using a fingernail, make a small scratch on a few of the "naked" twigs.  If you see green beneath, I suspect that the problem is only temporary and you will get more leaves.  Your symptom description does not sound like an insect/disease issue, but rather an environmental one.


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