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Weeping Redbud Leaves
Weeping Redbud Leaves  
Dr. Stephen,

I have just planted an Eastern Weeping Redbud in Dallas, Texas area about one week ago.  The plant looked great at the nursery, green leaves.  Now, after about two days in the ground these spots started showing on the leaves and then full leaves started being affected (as seen in image).  I have been watering every other day for about 20 minutes.

Please help me!  Is this pests, fungus, more water, etc.??

Thank you,



These spots do not resemble a disease nor insect issue to me, but rather an injury of some sort. This injury may be from contact with something that damaged the leaves.  Review the use of any chemicals (ie sprays with weed killers)etc. that may have been applied.  Watch the new leaves as they are formed for evidences also.  This may be just temporary.


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