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Plant Diseases/Trouble with new Aspen Trees


Just planted 3 6' aspens July 6th. Watering them a few minutes every day with the hose. They are looking rough. Some leaves are soft and wilted while other leaves are crispy (almost dead?).  What is happening?

Anna Gieg
Parker, CO


Based on your description, I suspect that the trees are experiencing transplant shock. Trees should be watered thoroughly at planting.  The objective is to put the soil in good contact with the roots and get air out of the planting hole.  Trees should be watered deeply, but infrequently.  Try laying a garden hose on the area and let it trickle for 2-3 hrs, then wait a couple of days.  Check the soil. Avoid soggy soils- they need to drain good or else a root rot could develop.


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