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autumn blaze maple issues
autumn blaze maple iss  
I have an autumn blaze maple tree that was planted as a memorial to my child.  It has never looked good since we've planted it 3 years ago.  I have seen on your site that it may have a borer in the trunk.  The leaves don't seem to open fully.  This year the new issues are yellowing leaves and scorch spots. I have had a couple people at our local extension office try to remedy the problem.  One suggested aphids, so I sprayed as suggested with no results.  There are no chemicals sprayed on the grass around it.  I am desperate because this tree was planted by his classmates and I don't want to loose it.  Thank you, Cheryl Meadows

Not enough information to make a good Id of the problem. Unless there is sap running from a wound on the trunk I would not think it is borers. I would suspect something like too much water. Or maybe a poor planting job. The preferred planting method is a hole twice the size of the root ball and as deep and the area filed with good top soil or potting soil. Then a mulch around the tree to hold moisture and keep down competition. Then water only when it has not rained in several weeks. Some times when the soil is a heavy clay the hole dug is too small and it resembles a pot in the ground. The sides are smooth and the water can not get in or out. This pot effect will hold water and kill the roots. Usually causing symptoms of the foliage being small and the top foliage dying. I would check the soil around the trunk and see if it is wet and if so do not water and let the tree get water from rain fall. Then after a rain check and see if the soil is holding water and if so try punching holes down through where the original hole was dug to try and create drainage of this "pot". Without other information that would be my guess. Hopefully this makes sense.  

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