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Hello Dr.Vann. On a mushroom hunt I came a black slime mold. I have become very curious about the slimes identification. In trying to identify through online means, I came across a question about a black slime mold found in Anchorage in which the photo resembles the one I took. The slime was very delicate and seemed to dissolve upon touch. The question you answered was from 2010. I was wondering if any further information was available about this slime mold. I found the slime mold in Western Massachusetts. Any information on how I can find out more about this black slime mold would be greatly appreciated.


I am a member of a group of plant disease diagnosticians that can post photos etc about different topics.  If you care to send me a good quality photo, I can post it to this list serve.  Try to include some background information such as the location and time of year and approximate size.


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