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My sick tree
My sick tree  
Hello Kathy,
I have this Ficus tree,it's about 10 to 12 years old.
I have moved from Washington to North Dakota,and now
To Idaho with the tree.( it's my baby )
It has dropped it's leaves in the past,but nothing like it is now.
I have just recently changed it's dirt.i use miracle grow potting soul,I have always used this soil.
It's leaves turn yellow before they drop,or I pluck them off.
It's getting new growth,it is getting a lot of new growth.but even some of the new growth dies.
I did top it after I reported it.
Is my tree gone?
Or is it gonna live?
I put the top clippings in water to root,just incase.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Cliff,

Being you just repotted it make sure most of your water goes around the outside of the container and not the whole tree as the last part to dry is the center and you could drown it.  Watering the outside area makes the roots go to the water.  Secondly I would cease using miracle grow as it binds up in the branches and causes die back.  Miracle grow is polluting chemicals.  Being organic I use Atomic Grow to make my plants healthy buy raising the brix.  The more brix (sugar) the healthier your plants will be.  It also stimulates root growth which is what you need with the new planting.  Kathy

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