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Hi Kathy,
My pineapple guava tree is pretty old & big... loaded with fruit, but a lot of the leaves are turning yellow with some red dots.  Iím in No. CA, where weíve been in a terrible drought, as you know.  Do you think itís not getting enough water?  I turned my watering system way down to conserve water, so maybe thatís it. Please advise & thanks so much for your help!

Hi Miriam,  I know you guys out there are having a hard time with the drought going on.  The yellow leaves usually indicate a need for water.  One thing you could do to help keep it a little more moist is mulch and there may be some product on the market that could help hold some of the moisture around the plant.  Atomic Grow would help keep moisture in the leaves during regular seasons but do not know how much help when you can not water. There used to be a product out this way called Saturade maybe it is available in CA...they do not sell it here any more as it came from Japan and they stopped importing it because of the shipping cost. It is a powder that you sprinkle around the ground and it helps loosen the soil so it can help catch the rain or sprinkler water and keep it near the plant.   kathy

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