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mulberry problems
mulberry problems  
Hi. Thank you for reading this:
I have 3 young fruitless Mulberry's that I planted 4 months ago. I live in the high desert of southern California where its very windy and hot.  These trees are common up here but mine seem to be having problems.

The photos I took resemble some sort of scorch, not seeing it on other trees in the neighborhood I don't think its bacterial. I water these daily with 2.5 gallons and I dug out a hold about 3 times the size of the original pot I bought it in and filled in with tree soil from home depot.

So far I've read that I'm over watering or under watering lol. The deeper soil feels damp but not soaked. I've added a tablespoon amount of triple 14 fertilizer and b vitamins recommended to me with no success. I've removed the mulch so the soil can dry out better between waterings but I just want another opinion on what to do.

Thank you! David

I do not think this is leaf scorch but a loss of choraphyl due to being too wet. The water has leached the soil and the roots can not supply the foliage with nutrients. Watering every day with 2.5 gal. Is too much. I would not water for five days and then only if it does not rain. Then After five days water every third day with 1 inch of water. Place a pan under the tree and turn the sprinkler on and when the pan has 1 inch of water in it stop. Do this every third or forth day unless it rains . This should allow the soil to dry out and let the roots do their work. Do nt fertilize until next spring .  

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