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Fungus at oak base
Fungus at oak base  
We have a weird fungus growing at base of our oak trees?  It's not soft like mushroom it's almost like rock until you pull it them the base does resemble a mushroom. We also have two spots where these fungus rocks r
Grow they are in yard away from base. Is there anyway to treat it?


This is very likely a fungus that is a parasite on the tree.  No control other than to promote the vigor of the tree by good watering and fertility practices.  There are a variety of fungal organisms that can attack trees. This one is probably causing a root/stem rot.  There is probably some level of decay within.  Removing those mushrooms will not stop the disease. The decay process is often slow, yet progressive. Many of the fungal organisms that cause decay usually enter through a wound.  The wound may have happened many years ago. If the tree looks good now and is kept watered and fertilized appropriately,it can be around for many years to come even though the disease is present.  Monitor the health of the tree each spring to see how well it leafs out and fills the branches.  Over the years, the canopy will start to thin and some dead branches will increase.  The decay will eventually weaken the tree to the point where it may fail during a storm.  But, I suspect it may be several years, especially if the tree is otherwise healthy.  

Removal may become necessary at some point, especially if it could fall on person or property as the decline increases.  I wish there was a magic bullet here, but unfortunately there isn't. Good fertilization and watering practices can help out a bunch.


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