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My spider plant is getting black round spots on it that can be removed. It also gets round holes in it and is eating my plant. Can u plz tell me what to do. Thankyou so very much.

If these round black spots are maybe 1/16 - 1/8 inch in diameter, appear raised rather than flat on the leaf and can be removed by your fingernail, they are probably a type of scale insect. To confirm, carry a few spotted leaves to your local nursery.  They are easy to ID.  There are several insecticides that are effective, but need to be applied at the right time to kill the babies (crawlers) that are underneath the hard black covering.

The round holes sound like an unrelated issue- perhaps another type of insect or even slugs.  The nursery folks may help out with this one too.  Best to try to see the "critter" that are on the leaf and appears to be eating the leaf.  Look closely at eh base of the plant for any suspicious critter and squash 'em.  Insect are good at hiding amongst the foliage.


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