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QUESTION: i have a lemon and lime, the leaves are not in good shape, it looks like someone has spate on them, also the leaves are curled.
I have used a fugercide on them, but not much success, I can not see any insects. do u have any other suggestions thank you

ANSWER: Gareth:

Can you send a take a photo of 2 or 3 representative ailing leaves? Try to get as close as you can with the camera and be sure that the photo is in focus by reviewing it on your computer before sending.  Take a few photos and send the best.


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QUESTION: thank you for your response, I have included two photos, the first one is lime, the second one is lemon, the system will only let me send two photos at a time, I will repeat this again to send three photos of each.

thank you for your assistance in this matter.

gareth upson


The "squiggly" sunken pattern is very suspicious of a tiny tiny insect called a leaf miner.  Imagine a peanut butter sandwich- then imagine an insect that eats the peanut butter, but leaves the bread.  The lemon may have the same insect, but there is evidence of leaf chewing, which may be another insect- like a worm or beetle. There are a few insecticides for leaf miners, but if there are only a few affected leaves, just pull off the leaf and dispose of. You would need a systemic type chemical that is taken into the plant.  The immature insect is a small worm that tunnels around inside.

Check with your local garden center for an appropriate general insecticide for the leaf chewers. Also examine the plant closely for crawling insects and remember they can hide easily and got virtually undetected.


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