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sarath cypress
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QUESTION: We have about 25 trees on our drive way they may be old at least 25 years. When we bought this house on 2001 these trees still was there. This start happening year ago. We want to save these trees badly. Please advise us. I have attached some pitchers.

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problem cypress
problem cypress  

problem cypress
problem cypress  
QUESTION: Same question above,I did not get the answer for the first question,there for i submit my question again.

Looks like it could be a canker disease rather than an insect.

Cypress canker is a spore-born disease that infects the Italian cypress through natural and man-made wounds. This fungal disease travels by wind and rain, infecting the Italian cypress during the cool, rainy periods. The infection passes through the wounds of the tree and settles in the bark and cambium of the tree. The foliage of the infected Italian cypress will experience yellowing near the area of infection while the uninfected areas remain green. The infection continues to spread throughout the tree until the entire tree dies.

Cypress canker can be a fatal diseases that have no cure. Therefore, it is important to take preventative precautions to avoid infection. Providing your tree with the environment and care is the best protection. Always plant your Italian cypress tree in an area that receives a full, direct sunlight. The soil should be well-drained and porous to allow good air circulation throughout the soil. A medium to thick layer of mulch will keep the soil cool and moist, which also aides in maintaining proper circulation throughout the tree. Furthermore, it is important to avoid planting your Italian cypress tree in locations in which other trees have become infected. The fungal spores of phytophthora can thrive in the soil of the infected area for several years without a host.

The infected Italian cypress tree can thrive for several seasons after an infection, if the disease is controlled. Pruning infected branches from the tree will redirect the tree's energy to more viable areas. The pruning should be completed with sterile pruning shears or saws that are sterilized between each cut. This will help to prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of the tree. In addition, fungicidal spray treatments can be helpful in controlling the infection, through it will not cure the infection.  I would remove the trees that are severe and try spraying the adjacent cypress (ones on either side of the dead tree)  with a fungicide--one of the copper based fungicides would be best. Check with your local garden type store for these fungicides.  

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