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Some of my oak trees have 1/4"holes around the trunk from bottom to first limbs, is this normal I live in north fl.almost to ga.

Hey Paul:
If these holes seem to be in an orderly manner such as grouped in a line in the bark that can often encircle the tree, more than likely this is sap sucker damage (a type of wood pecker). The yellow bellied sapsucker is a common culprit.  It may be actually drinking the sap or sometimes checking it out for insects.  Take a look at the damage on "Google Images" on your computer to compare. This damage is often seem as relatively harmless in most instances.  It is very common on pecan and on the infamous "ornamental pear".

Most people just live with it. There may be some deterrents such as bright shiny objects like aluminum pie pans that can be hung in the tree to frighten or scare away.  The jury is still out on weather or not they are effective.


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