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Plant Diseases/Savannah holly


Disease branch
Disease branch  
Branches form holes large knots branch dies tree lumpy

Hi Jeff,

By my observations in the photo, it appears that you have some gall formation.  These are usually the result of fungal infestations or, in some species, bacterial infections (e.g._Agrobacterium tumifaciens_.

I would suggest consulting an tree specialist or your extension service in your area.

Good luck, and good gardening.

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I can help with identification and possible treatment of plant diseases that affect houseplants and horticultural species, to include both biological (fungal, bacterial, viral, parasitic etc.) and environmental/cultural (watering, potting media, etc.) aspects.


Practical experience with a wide variety of houseplants and greenhouse plants, including cacti, euphorbia, african violets, amaryllus, and many others.

American Phytopathology Society
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Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (in print)
Rhodora -- Journal of the New England Botanical Society
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