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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Vann,

What microbe causes crown rot, and what chemical can I use to protect my D. muscipulas from that disease?

In college, I took biology and microbiology, but my background is in computer science and philosophy.  Is there a very basic plant pathology textbook you would suggest, a "Plant Pathology for Dummies?"

Thanks so much.  Your note may help save a life.


There are several fungi and bacteria that can cause this disease. Disease management practices vary greatly depending on which organism is the causal agent.  There are several fungicides that can do a decent job of protecting plants.  Wounds on the stems can be entry points for these causal agents.  Overall, plant stresses can make plants more susceptible as well.  Several fungi including Fusarium spp, and Rhizoctonia spp are a few common agents.  

Best to get a lab exam to ID the culprit.  You can contact a land grant university in your area to determine a suitable lab that can do the microscopic exam. Every state also has an Agricultural Extension office that you can investigate.


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Thank you for your answer.  Should the infected plant stay briefly in a ziplock bag after I spray the plant with Safer brand 3-in-1 Fungicide, the fungicide that protects them during fridge dormancy?  The plants live under four-bulb 6500K T5 fixtures in my home.  Thanks again.


Sorry, I haven't had any experience in this area of isolating a single plant in a bag following treatment.  The level of effectiveness of this and other fungicides will greatly depend on the level of infection of the plant by the causal fungus (if indeed it is a fungus).   Water management can be useful in minimizing a type of stress that I mentioned earlier.  Growing media needs to be well drained and pasteurized to prevent development of these and other root borne diseases.


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