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Plant Diseases/Fungus on sambo lemom tree


I have a sambo lemon tree in a pot that it was purchased in
fla sometime in early 2009. Late last season, I noticed that there was a white colored (SOFT LIKE) substance on the tree. It grew fruit and I have noticed that the same fungus has returned. Can you tell me what I should do to correct my problem?

Hi Kenneth,  I use a product called Atomic Grow which is an organic product made from food.  It raises the sugar level in the plant called raising the brix.  The more brix bugs do not want to eat sweet leaves so the go somewhere else.  It kills nothing.  Atomic Grow is sprayed on the leaves once a week for 3 weeks sick plants 6 weeks then once a month there after to keep the plant healthy.  I is mixed 2 tablespoon per gallon and do not go bad.  I use it on all my plants. It is made from food.  Kathy

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