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QUESTION: The leaves on My Myers Lemon Tree are turning yellow. I have noticed and picked off what look like small caterpillars, they are firm and look a bit like a stem of growth off the branches. They are green with a bit of yellow and they are about 1/4 inch long. I have sprayed with Neem Oil but that does not seemed to have worked. What are these pests and how can I control them.

ANSWER: Hi Wayne:
Can you send along a photo of these critters? Try to get as close as you can to make the shot.  Take several and choose the best.  Be sure it is in focus by reviewing on your computer first, before sending.
Greetings from Cary, NC!!


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The Bug
The Bug  
QUESTION: Here is a photo. It's the best I could do.As I indicated before it looks like a stem but it comes of easily, so I think it's some type of Caterpillar.


Sorry, I wasn't able to tell much from the image.  If these thing move and are caterpillars, there are several products useful.  If the numbers are small, just hand pull off the plant and "squash".  If numbers are larger, look into a product called Dipel or Bt.  It is a bacterium used for controlling these types of insects.

I may suggest collecting a few of these and showing them to your local nursery/garden center.  These folks have often seen a lot of stuff and should be able to get an accurate ID - which is important in selecing an appropriate insecticide.


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