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I have a Acerola (Barbados Cherry Tree)that up until 4 days ago was producing wonderful fruit.  My family and I went on vacation, came home, and now the tree has brown curled leaves and has no fruit on it at all.

The truck is still a nice tan color and so are the branches, but the leaves themselves are a mixture of brown and green (more brown then green) and they are all completely curled.

The tree is about 6-8 months old.  I don't know if this means anything, but about a week ago I noticed that the cherries, that the tree was producing, were getting smaller and more sour.

Can you give me an idea of what this is and how I can cure it, if possible?

Hi Shannon,  Barbados Cherry usually does not have a pest problem.  Brown curled leaves could be not enough water while you were gone and it was used to being watered?  Wrong Fertilizer and got fertilizer burn while you were gone from not being watered.  Was hit with Roundup with some neighbor putting it on their property and it blew into yours?  Are likely causes.  You could get Atomic Grow to bring it back to life as it will correct problems it is having and is organic.  Kathy

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