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Ms. Crowley,
First let me thank you for your time . I see you are in Florida I am in Arizona and so is my pindo palm .   We had this pindo for approximately 3 1/2 years .   It looked good for the first 6 to 9 months .  But it has looked weak and feeble since.  The soil is clay in Arizona,  when it was planted the nurseryman added more compost to help break up the soil .   I watered it per instructions for the first two months .  And then followed only by watering as needed by checking the soil moisture.  It seems as though more often than not the soil is damp.  So I bored some holes approximately 2 feet from the trunk and filled them with sand hoping to give the soil a chance to dry .   I also fertilized away from the trunk in the 2 foot ring.  I also added a slight amount of sulfur .   The tree seem to perk up and look better for about 4 weeks but now there are two limbs that are all brown again.   We have over 15 pounds in our yard most of them Mexican fan and one date palm they are all doing well  Any help you may be able to pass along is greatly appreciated .

Hi Mike,  A pindo palm tree is about as easy care as it gets. No soil amendment is necessary but adding top soil to the hole when you plant is always appreciated and you said the landscaper did that.

It doesn't like to be kept overly wet, and once the palm is established, minimal irrigation is fine.

Fertilize once a season in spring, summer and autumn with a granular palm fertilizer.

You can trim off browned fronds when the palm is young and short, but as it ages, you can let the old fronds just fall off on their own. You could try a product called Atomic Grow which is organic and it would raise the brix in the plant to make it healthy.  We get lots more rain in FL and I planted ours and just left it alone to fend for itself and it turned into a monster finally got to much water and died after about 15 years in the ground.  It was about 20 ft tall.  Too much rain that year and low area.  

Possibly the Dept. of Agriculture in your area could help.  kathy  

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