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Plant Diseases/more pics of my Chinese pistache


Chinese pistache
Chinese pistache  
QUESTION: Addition to previous question: we are in Dallas TX area.


From your two photos, I do not see any evidence of a disease. Trunk looks intact from your image, despite some irregular areas.  Look at the entire trunk for any areas where there are open cracks, insect presence or other obvious abnormalities. Any nearby construction occurred over the past few years that may be near the roots? Also examine a few thinning branches for any oddities as well and let me know.  Take a photo of these if you can.  The thinning/decline may be due to any environmental stress rather than pathological..

Also make sure it is getting ample water during hot/dry periods.  You may wish to get a soil sample tested for nutrition that is available.  Contact your local nursery/garden center about this.


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neighbors tree
neighbors tree  

my tree
my tree  
QUESTION: Thank you for your response. Here are 2 more photos, a pic of my neighbors bushy chinese pistache from across the street, and a pic of my tree, mine only has a few leaves, it's been bushy in the past years. Also I don't see any insects on trunk or any other abnormalities, the thinning branches, from what I can see are just thin with berries and no leaves, no insects or strange stuff growing on them besides the berries/nuts. There are many dry twigs with no leaves or berries on the inside of the tree. I'm afraid that whatever killed my next door neighbors tree accross the fence, is killing mine. I hope it survives. Thank you for your input. Pat

Thanks for your followup. If your area has experienced any prolonged drought periods previously, this may now be showing up. It can take a season or two to finally manifest the stress.  You may also consider contacting your local County Agricultural Extension office to see if you can get a "house call" for someone to come out and visit your tree.  They may pickup on something that we may have overlooked. There are certified arborists in the yellow pages that can also assist.


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