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bug #2
bug #2  
I have a few pentas plants.  One of them has a problem with a small white bug.  I thought they were stink bugs in the early stages.  Not sure.  A lot of the leaves have turned black and there are a lot of white spider like bugs on it.  There also seems to be like a white fungus on the plant.

What are they and how can I help my plant?  I have others right next to this one and do not want them to get attacked.  
Thank you in advance.

The second picture is a cottony aphid. I would apply acephate (Orthene) to the foliage This insecticide is sprayed on the foliage and the leaf will absorb it and if an insect feeds on the foliage the insect will be killed. Aphids have sucking mouthparts and are thus very susceptible to pesticides located in the plant vascular system. Some of the systemic insecticides also have contact activity.

The first picture is of one of the plant bugs (they are kin to the stink bug) in the insect order of True bugs. The Orthene will take care of these also.

Check with your local nursery type store for Orthene.  

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