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Plant Diseases/Strange mushroom like growth under my lemon tree


Growth in the soil
Growth in the soil  

Meyer Lemon dwarf tree
Meyer Lemon dwarf tree  
I have a dwarf meyer lemon tree. I digged these mushroom like things off the surface of the soil. They are a bit hard and not soft like regular mushrooms would be.. Very unpleasant looking stuff. What is it? The tree looks healthy and is on its way bearing some lemons right now. How can i get rid it? Im in california and its been really hot recently. I dont water everyday but may have soaked it too much to start this growth? So far tree itself looks healthy. I did see once white stringy film on a leaf i cut out. Thank you!!

Hi Anu,  The only good growth coming out of the soil would be mushrooms breaking down the soil which is good
I do not know the name of the growth in the  picture but have seen it and would suggest changing your soil the
best you can.  Your lemon looks good but will not after awhile.  Somehow you got your hands on some poor soil. Your lemon tree looks good and if it should have problems in the future I would suggest.  


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