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Plant Diseases/Grapefruit tree curling leaves


We live in florida Ocala the tree in backyard produced great ruby red fruits for years now the leaves seem to be curling and hardly any fruit is there a product available to combat this malady also the tree gets alot of sun  and is about 15 ft high trunk is about 6in

any help would be appreciated

         Thank you

Hi Adam,  Your tree has leaf minor and some health issues that you can correct. I turned my trees around using a product called Atomic Grow.  Atomic Grow is organic and goes into the leaves, stems, trunk and down into the roots raising the brix.  Brix is the sugar level in the tree, the more brix the sweeter it is and bugs go away. That being said the good bugs come in.  Atomic Grow is made from food and it sprayed on in the morning or evening not in the heat of the day.  Spray only what you can reach and the bugs and fungus will go away.  Trim out any dead branches.  It will not be an over night fix but you will see the changes happening with the once a month spray.  I do not worry about greening either.  A plant, animal or person needs the right food to get healthy we are all the same.  It took about 7 months and my trees are beautiful and the fruit is blemish free.  I also use it on all my plants including orchids. Also before I forget, citrus need about 4 inches of water a week to have nice plump fruit.


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