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Chilli Plant
Chilli Plant  
Hi Stephen,
I live in Melbourne, Australia and bought a Habanero Chilli Plant in a small pot about 4 days ago, as it is currently Autumn here and the weather is cooling down I also purchased a small greenhouse to keep it in. The last two days the leaves have started to curl upwards and droop down I also found a small yellow patch on one of the leaves. I re-potted the plant into a slightly bigger pot today with new potting mix in the hopes it might pick up again. Do you have any idea what the problem could be I'm afraid it has something to do with it being kept in the greenhouse or over watering? Any help at all would be much appreciated. I have attached an image also.

From your photo, i do not see any obvious symptoms that would indicate an infectious type issue. I suspect that the leaf curl may be due to a change in the plants environment.  I would suggest just monitoring the plant for any changes.  

Since your temps are cooling down, be careful of any sudden drops in temp.  These plants do best in warmer temps such as the 80's (F), so try to keep it warmer. Also, very important is to avoid prolonged wet soils.  This can lead to root problems that can be manifested in changes in the leaves such as yellowing and wilt.  It is important that the soil drains well.  Water-logged soils are a no-no. Overwatering, especially in a greenhouse, is a death sentence.  Soil should be just Even more remote, check both surfaces of the leaves for any insects such as aphids.  These insects are easily seen moving around ever so slowly.  They suck plant juices and can debilitate the plant.


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