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good afternoon
please can you tell me the different between
Phytophthora bark infection and  psorosis in the citrus
also the best treatment for both diseases  .
thank you

Hi hope I can help

Several species of soilborne pathogens in the genus Phytophthora cause crown and root rot diseases of herbaceous and woody plants. Almost all fruit and nut trees, as well as most ornamental trees and shrubs (including many California natives), can develop Phytophthora rot if soil around the base of the plant remains wet for prolonged periods, or when planted too deeply.

Psorosis, disease of Citrus plant species caused by several related viruses. Symptoms vary greatly and include formation in some young leaves of elongated, white to yellow-green flecks, spots, rings, or large translucent areas. Certain symptoms tend to fade as the leaves mature. Rings bordered by sunken grooves may form on the fruit. On trees 6 to 12 or more years old, the outer bark in localized areas commonly becomes scaly, or small irregular pustules and gumlike deposits develop, with the wood being stained underneath. Variously sized cavities or narrow grooves may develop in the large limbs and trunk. If psorosis is severe, growth is dwarfed, trees lack vigour, and yields may be reduced one-third or more. The psorosis viruses are transmitted by bud grafts, rarely through natural root grafts. The disease may be controlled by removing seriously affected trees, planting psorosis-free stock, and using only scions and buds from virus-free trees.

Planting too deep or too much water will cause root rot.  Make sure the area under the drip line is clear of mulch and weeds seeing only soil.  You do not want a well around the plant the soil should be flat.  Planting the tree an inch higher will sink to a level ground area.  I feel the tree will become weakened and other problems will occur.

If it is not too late I would use Atomic Grow to stimulate the root system by putting some on the ground in the beginning then going to the spray system on the leaves.  Atomic Grow is organic and will clean up the problems by raising the brix in the plant to make it healthy again.  


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