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black spots
black spots  

Entire plant
Entire plant  
I have a bougainvillea bush that is doing great, that is until a couple of days ago and I discovered these black droppings on some of the leaves.

Can you identify and recommend a cure?

Hi Mary:
Thanks for sending along a photo.  From your images, the plant looks in good shape.  For these spots, see if you can remove them by rubbing or scratching them with your fingers.  If this can be done, I would be suspicious of an insect or related deposit.  This stuff may be the actual insect or its excrement. Look for any evidence of leaf/stem chewing or other damage/injury.  If none found, check any plants that may be overhead -from which these things may fall or originate from. These spots do not resemble an infectious disease that I am aware of.  

You may also wish to carry a few "affected" leaves to your local garden center.  Put a few in a sandwich type plastic bag and show them to the garden staff.  They see a lot of stuff from their plant and may ID the issue from a physical sample rather than a photo.



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