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We live in Montana, having a Dwarf Meyer lemon and dwarf lime trees in container that obviously are kept indoors because of our climate. We have had the tree's for 3 years (believe they were several years old when we got them) without to many issues aside from mites at times on the lemon.  Mites have been controlled with Neem oil when they erupt. As you can see in the attached photos all leaves are gradually developing discoloration. They both bloom and produce some fruit, but a large # of the fruit drop when small. The issue has persisted for most of year on the lemon. We have used small amounts of a citrus/avocado formulate fertilizer twice per year. The trees have been in separate areas of the house until 3-4 months ago. Now the lime is also exhibiting the same leave discoloration and dropping. I have done some research on the internet, but nothing seems to provide guidance on what to do. The closest example that looks similar is a post on this site, however has not provided results. HELP!

ANSWER: Hello Jim,  I would have to ask do you move your plant up as it grows into larger containers?  Why is it not outside during the warm months.  I used to live in Great Falls, Montana and plants would love to be outside to let nature
heal them after being indoors year round.  Also the leaves look like bug damage sucking the life out of the leaves.
I would say to check out Atomic Grow which is organic and made from food to bring you plant into the best health. If you have sprayed your plant with poison it will never make it healthy.  Atomic raises the brix in the plant which bad bugs do not like, that is why bugs are on the plant because it is unhealthy.  Brix is sugar in the plant and Atomic Grow also helps to hold water in the leaves to keep it from stress.  You spray it on the leaves and it does not was off, or go bad.  You will also have better pollination as good bugs love the sugar in the flowers.  Another reason for fruit drop in not giving it enough water.  Be as consistent with watering as not to let the plant get real dry.  You can do to for videos and more information on this organic product.

Happy gardening will come your way

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Thank you for your very rapid response to my post. I assume your comment "poison" is referring to the Neem,  the only reason I have used it is because my understanding was it is an organic to control thing like mites,  which I have had.  Is that not true?
I normally water once a week and adjust based on the amount of water uptake because it varies.

Regarding spending time outdoors, the room the are in is open on 3 sides in the summer, yet provides protection from the extreme heat in summer as shading and from things like hail storms. As you know having lived here we go from 1 extreme to another.  Should I put the trees out in the complete open (to early right now, had snow 2 days ago)what is the best way to control bringing pest back in when fall arrives?


ANSWER: Hi Jim,  Neem is not poison if it is organic, some companies add poison to Neem so read
the label.  You can keep a citrus outside till just above freezing. So about 34 bring them
in.  Do not wait quite so long to water your citrus, if you are waiting till the leaf droops
you are waiting too long.  If neem works use it and if it does not than switch to Atomic Grow.


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QUESTION: Thank you again so much Kathy.  I had no idea that some neem contains poisons,  I will look at what I have been using to make sure.
I did not answer your original question regarding moving up in pot size.  It has been almost 2 years, so will get pm on that. What type of soil do you recommend for citrus if any specifics? In addition, is diameter more important with this type of tree than depth?  reason I ask on diameter is what is generally available tends to get much deeper with diameter.


Hi Jim,  I had a customer call me and say the Neem she got somewhere else has a poison label on it and it did not look like the one she bought from me.  Sure enough it had poison in it that is how I found out.  I use 100 percent organic Neem Oil.  When moving a plant up to a larger size go to the next size not a lot bigger.  So go from a 10 inch to a 14 inch then a 16 inch etc.  Get a good potting soil and you could mix some larger wood chips in it so the roots can wrap around it if you water too much.  The more soil the bigger you plant will grow.


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