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Plant Diseases/brownish scurf on Queen Palm Trees spear


QUESTION: Kathy, I, like June who wrote you @ least 3 times (8-15-09) have what sounds like the same problem on my Queen Palm Tree...Syagrus Romanzoffiana, the one that pops up when it's googled.not to be confused w/the sago.  It is exaustive to read 3 letter, w/ answers, and you STILL did not answer the question.  I have a tree problem, and am having a difficult time finding out what its problem is, and do not want to lose it. Palms are new to me, having lived in the P.N.W. before CA. Your constant pushing of a product that is now controversial seems self serving, and your smug attitude also was of no help. Your suggestion of Sooty Mold makes me wonder if you ever have seen is BLACK sooty mold,   Miss Led

ANSWER: Dear Jay,  So sorry you feel that way,  I answered the best I could with a product that gets rid of fungus, mold and bugs.  I am an organic nursery and that is what I use.  You can not please everyone all the time as they may use a product wrong or not enough and give up after a few tries and complain.  I am not a palm person as I do not like them as they attract snakes, roaches and wasps, so, for that reason I stay away from palms.  It has healed many a palm tree in Florida where I am from. Obviously you have asked numerous people and have not found an answer that you want to hear so I would suggest an Arborist in your area whom I am sure can help you.


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QUESTION: Kathy, Here we go again, and so many years later...No, Kathy, I did not ask numerous people, I asked you, and have yet again yet to get a answer. YOU are the only one to be asked the question, and I am sorry to hear that your palms have snakes and roaches, not to mention, wasp? How organic is that!  I too try to go organic where ever possible.  I have still to hear a answer to the description to my palms problem, however. Even though your personal preference of trees are not palms, I should think that running a nursery in Florida you'd be well versed in the subject.
By the way Kathy, there are large snakes and insects of many variety all over Florida, and not just in palms which is why, despite much lower real estate prices, I do not live there. California's palms only get rats during the palm fruit season! All the bestorrxy to you.

Jay, Again, I do not handle palms at all, as stated I have my reasons.  I sell rare and unusual plants from around the world.  So I do not have to learn about palms, or do I care to.  Call an arborist whom will come out an inspect your tree.  I told you what I think and want to do and this is my final reply.  kathy

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