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I think my carrotwood tree may have a disease. SEveral of the
branches are losing their bark. It is just peeling off in several
locations.  Is this a disease and how  do I treat it
thank you for your help

Loss of bark is usually a fairly good indicator of trouble brewing.  There may indeed be a disease that is causing this.  Determining the cause is often work for the best plant detectives. The issue may be localized such as a stem lesion (canker) or widespread such as a root/crown rot.  Your tree would need to be evaluated on site to determine which it is.  The problem can even be an environmental stress such as adverse temperatures or other causes.  If scattered branches are thinning out and becoming bare of leaves, you may have success by pruning out just the dead portions.  This can be useful for the localized or canker type diseases.  If there is an underlying issue such as a root problem or internal decay, conditions may continue to get worse.  You may consider contacting a local arborist to visit your tree to evaluate it for potential cause(s). Check in also with you local garden center/plant nursery for information.  These folks often are familiar with many particular problems of trees.


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