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Citrus problem
Citrus problem  

Citrus problem
Citrus problem  

I have a problem with my citrus trees. The fruits on the trees are showing some damage. I attached some photos to show how it looks like. I am suspecting sweet orange scab fungus but I am not sure. I live in Texas.

Thanks for the help!

Hi,  I had this problem with one of my citrus trees.  I loved the taste of the orange but the outside looked just like you picture.  One of the problems with citrus is if you put fertilizer on the ground it gets stuck at the graft hurting the upper part of the tree.  I use a product called Atomic Grow which is organic to make the plant healthy by raising the brix.  Brix is sugar and when a plant has enough sugar bugs and fungus go away.  It is made from corn, soy, cactus and grains all organic and you do not have to worry about GMO on your tree.  After spraying monthly for about 7 months my new crop came out beautiful which out all the scab problems.  It does not hurt the fruit inside but it sure makes it ugly to look at.  So I became a believer of this product.  I use it on all my plants.  And it does not go bad and is absorbed so it does not wash off.  Some of the citrus groves in our area are beginning to use this product.  

Hope this helps as it sure helped us.


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