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Our Pistache chinensis keith davey tree is having some problems. Basically, it has these perfect rings of holes (like by a woodpecker or insect) with sap running out of the wounds. Cambium seems to be dead or damaged above and below wounds. There is some dieback on branches above. It is a fairly young tree (10-15 years).  I included a picture which shows detail. I have another Pistache tree nearby which seems healthy. I would like to know if I need to remove the problem tree or if I can treat it.
I'd also like to know the name/cause of what the problem is.
Thank you very much!


From your image,this is feeding sites of a woodpecker. Often,it is the yellow bellied sapsucker. Very common on many trees such as pecan and some ornamental shrubs. Usually the tree can tolerate this, however if the tree is weak otherwise, it can create additional stress.  This bird is protected in many states, so some folks scare the bird away with things such as noise makers or shiny objects like aluminum pie plates hanging from the tree. Not sure how well these things work,but you may look at the Internet for options.

I do not see any evidence of insect/diseases in your photo.


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