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Autumn Blaze Help
Autumn Blaze Help  

Autumn Blaze Help
Autumn Blaze Help  
Good morning,

I have two autumn blaze maple trees that we planted 2 years ago in July. This year in Ohio the weather has been extremely hot and very little rain. After returning home after a weeks vacation we noticed the leaves were turning yellow and brown, wilting, and starting to fall and it's only August. Can the trees be revived? What is the best course of action to take now and in the future? Or are the trees lost?

I appreciate any advice you can provide.

Thank you,

Looks like it needs water. Young trees have not put down deep roots and need water especially during dry hot weather. I would water twice a week with 1 incjh of water. Place a pan under the tree and turn the sprinkler on and when the pan has 1 inch of water in it stop. Do this every third day until you are gettting soakng rains. Hardwood trees can drop their leaves and re -foliate with no real effect on the health of the tree. I would think the tree will be ok and should leaf out just fine next spring. You shoul see some new leaves this year. The tree will be fine.  

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