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Plant Diseases/Carrotwood tree problem


mike wrote at 2010-11-05 06:10:11
Jim gave the correct answer here.  The "problems" show up 10-20 yrs. down the road. Clogged sewers, raised sidewalks from roots. Orange berries, that Crows come to feed on, that turn into opened hard pods all over the place. That equals tiny trees spouting in your flower beds. And forget about walking barefoot! 4 of us in a row had them removed from our parkway. My only lament is the neighbor on the other side of me didn't do it (for $90.!!). Now a new neighbor is there and it will cost him 4times the amount. Since you planted one already, plan on removing it 5-10 yrs.  

Linda wrote at 2015-10-21 05:52:58
They are not as invasive in California as they are in Florida because California is so much drier.  However, anyone who lives near a carrotwood tree will attest to their prolific seed production and dispersal, which is why there may be millions of them in L.A.

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