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Plant Operations/Maintenance/Ramsey Main Test Study Guide


QUESTION: The study guide you offer for sale sounds good. I do have a question. Does it cover the electrical portion of the test? This seems to be my weakest point on the test?


The guide definitely has an electrical study section. Topics covered include volts, amps, difference between AC and DC, how a motor works, ohm's law, single phase, 3 phase, transformers and calculating resistance, among other topics.

There are also several electrical study test questions as well.

Along with the electrical section, the other areas of your Ramsey test will be thoroughly covered also.  In short, it is excellent preparation material for the Ramsey test.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Is there a like I can order it, my test is coming up in March.

Hi Dan.

If you wish to order, please go to  You can order in both digital (e-mailed to you in pdf) format, or printed (mailed to you).  A digital guide would be sent to you within an hour of ordering, plus you also receive instant download codes (with instructions) immediately following paypal.  A printed guide takes roughly 4 business days to reach you.

Combining the millwright study guide with the rigging and hoisting guide and/or math guide results in discounts.  Pricing can be found on the website.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.  You can always e-mail me at or contact me through the "contact Matt" button on the website.

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I can answer questions you may have regarding Millwright trade exams such as power transmission, safety, fluid power, some welding questions, bearings, and rigging and hoisting, as well as a variety of questions about equipment maintenance. Troubleshooting questions are ok, but without physically looking at and testing the equipment (as there are infinite numbers of industrial equipment applications), these questions may be difficult to accurately answer.


I am a licensed industrial mechanic/millwright (Canada - C of Q red seal). I have 13 years experience as a Millwrigt, maintenance supervisor, maintenance manager and operations and engineering manager.

Millwright license (Red Seal). I have also written a millwright study guide and shop reference manual that was designed to assist mechanics in passing the millwright trade exam.

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